Dental treatment with zirconium

What is zirconium tooth?

It is a fully biocompatible white semi-metal that is aiso used in dental implants. Due to its white color it is an ideal material for dental crowns. Because zirconium material is very hard, they can only be made with computer-aided manufacturing systems. Zirconium can be used as monolithic meaning one piece zirconium block is used in manufacturing. They are more resistantant can be used in bruxer patients. Other one is porcelain fused zirconia which are more aesthetic and need to be used in the need of aesthetic purposes  The doctor must decide which kind of zirconium is need to be used.

What are the advantages of zirconium?

Due to its very hard structure, zirconium is processed only with computer-aided robotic systems so it can be made very precisely. It is a biocompatible material. The insulation of heat is very good. Makes very little sensitivity to teeth. Due to its white color, it leaves no marks on the gingiva and allows the production of dentures and teeth that look very natural. In our dental clinic in Ümitköy, it has been the most widely used dental replacement technique for 15 years.

Which dentures are made of zirconium?

Bridge prosthesis for the treatment of tooth loss can be made with zirconium material. For the strengthening and reconstruction of the teeth, dental veneers as well as aesthetic dentistry and smile designs can be made. They are also suitable for the digital smile design with appropriate computer programs.

How many days can zirconia prostheses be made?

Since full digital production is produced, we can supply a tooth zirconium coating in 1 day or 3 days. For aesthetic applications, the sample duration is 1 week.

Should I replace my old metal crowns with zirconium?

The biggest problem with metal-assisted coatings is the discoloration of the gingiva, the formation of gray tape at the gingival level, the displacement of the prosthesis and the decay of the teeth due to the melting of the old adhesive systems in the prosthesis.

A zirconium substitute of these prostheses is suitable. Metal-supported prostheses should be serviced without any problem for 8 years with an average lifespan. Metal dentures should be removed with special cutting tools, not by tapping. In this way, the tooth under the coating is hardly damaged.

How is zirconium applied?

After the anesthesia of the patient, an abrasion of about 1 mm is made over the enamel of the patient. The tooth is scanned by Cerec device and sent to the laboratory. When the scanning is performed, the tooth is design by a special software later Zirconium blocks are ground by a robotic device that matches the design, and the crowns are preserved. After the trial on the patient, the tooth is fixed with strong adhesives and the treatment is complete.

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