Dental Veneers Ankara Ümitköy

Dental Veneers Ankara Ümitköy

If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, it can be very difficult to face the world with confident smile. One solution to consider would be dental veneers. These are ceramic custom-made tooth coverings thatwill be bonded onto the front of your teeth. They are excellent for addressing the problems of cracked, chipped, misshapen or badly positioned teeth.

At Dental Clinic London, we will be able to show you many different types of veneers, although experience has made us most commonly recommend Emax veneers, a superior type of porcelain veneer.We may also recommend you consider composite veneers.  Our ceramists take great pride in creating veneers that offer the very best alternative to your natural teeth covering. Ceramic technology has advanced rapidly and the resin bonding system has transformed the use of porcelain veneers and composite veneers for their role in creating ‘designer smiles.’

Clients enjoy minimal preparation prior to porcelain or composite veneer application. Your dentist might carry out a small 0.5 mm to 1 mm tooth reduction so that your perfect smile can be created.

*The above images categorise generic examples of the outcomes possible. Results can differ. The consultation will determine what is the best solution for you.

The Porcelein Veneer

At Dental Clinic London, the porcelain veneers we favourare Emax veneers. That is because we think that the patented Lithium Disilicate material that Ivoclar Vivadent represents a revolution in dentistry. This material combines ease-of-use, aesthetics and superior strength, bonded to your teeth, giving you a natural look with the reassurance of high-quality durability.

Emax veneers are actually pressed ceramics and the superior strength and durability of this material allows them to be used in very thin layers and with no intrusive drilling of teeth down to peg shapes as is common with more conventional veneers. The other advantage is that bonding is onto the enamel of a tooth creating a stronger bondthan is possible with bonding to the dentine (the inner part of the tooth).

*The above images categorise generic examples of the outcomes possible. Results can differ. The consultation will determine what is the best solution for you.

The Composite Veneer

The composite veneer is sometimes known as a direct veneer and is made fromcomposite materials that can improve the look of teeth in various ways:

  • Repair damaged teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Correct misaligned teeth
  • Disguise discoloured teeth

The composite veneers created for you by your dentist will be fitted in just one appointment.  With porcelain veneers, two or three appointments are usually necessary for the veneers to be created in a dental laboratory and fitted in the surgery. The composite veneer is also a very cost-effective way to improve the appearance of teeth and repair minor defects. The aesthetic effect, however, may not be as a natural looking as the porcelain veneer.

Cost of Dental Veneers

The cost for veneers at Dental Clinic London is different from one person to the other due to several factors. The exact price we offer starts from £750 along with the free consultation session.

How are Dental Veneers fitted?

After an initial consultation, assessment and the planning of your treatment with one of ourdental veneer specialists, he or she will discuss with you the options appropriate for you and whether porcelain or composite veneers will be the best choice. Pre-treatment tooth shading will be recorded and pictures taken and then your new smile will be on its way! Impressions will also be taken so that you will be able to visualise what the results of your dental veneers in London will be.

The second visit

On the second visit your teeth will be prepared for the veneers to be applied and an impression taken and sent to the ceramist with your smile designfor your customised prescription. Temporary veneers will be fitted.

The final visit

On your last visit the temporary veneers will be removed and replaced with your custom veneers.  There will be a continuing quality control on the products you receive fromDental Clinic London. Once you have confirmed that the appearance and the fit is as you would like it, the dentist will proceed to the last part of the procedure and fix the veneers in place.

Follow-up and Review

Whether you have porcelain veneers or composite veneers it will take a couple of days for you to get used the feel of your new teeth. A few weeks after treatment you’ll be asked to come back to the surgery to ensure that all is well, but your mouth is healthy and the teeth are in great condition with the desired cosmetic result.  You will be encouraged to employ a very strict regime of oral hygiene to make sure that your veneers and the rest of your mouth staying in optimum condition. We always advise that you attend for your follow-up appointments to ensure that’s everything is as you would wish it to be.

On average somewhere between 1 in 8 teeth that have been veneered or crowned will eventually need to have root canal treatment although this is most likely to be many years after the initial treatment. Very rarely,a dental veneer may fracture or become detached and you may have to see the dentist to repair this.

For any patientwho suffers from dental anxiety, we can offer sedation so that they will feel relaxed during the treatment.

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