Gummy Smile Treatment in Ankara Ümitköy

Gummy Smile Treatment in Ankara Ümitköy

A beautiful smile is one of your most memorable features

A gummy smile or excessive gingival display is said to be a condition in which an individual shows a large amount of gum tissue when smiling and has uneven teeth to gum ratio. Though a gummy smile may be considered as something normal, many people who have gummy smiles may be more and have a knock-on effect on their self-esteem. They often hate their smile and want to change it to enhance their appearance. The good news is that there is actually some treatments that can help fix your gummy smile. Our dentists will not only treat your gummy smile with a simple and painless surgery but also surprise you with the beautiful smile you always wanted to have on your face.

Some causes of a gummy smile are:

  • Over-developed elevation muscle of upper lip.
  • The upper lip and gums are joined very closely.
  • Undersized teeth.
  • Excessive gum tissue.

Possible treatments for gummy smile include:

If you have a gummy smile, it is advisable to visit your dentist for a treatment. Your dentist will examine the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums to determine the amount of excessive gingival display and their possible causes. This examination may involve taking digital impressions of your teeth and gums by the dentist. You may also need an X-ray imaging for examining of the jawbone and teeth.

If you suffer from a severe gummy smile, your dentist may refer you to a specialist, such as a periodontist, oral surgeon or orthodontist. Depending on your specific condition, the treatment for gummy smile may include:

  • Gum reduction or periodontal surgery.
  • Lip repositioning surgery.
  • Orthodontic treatment.
  • Orthognathic surgery.
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