Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a form of treatment that the dentist performs on the affected tooth nerve. In our teeth there is a vascular and nerve package called Pulpa, which allows the development and stretching of the teeth in childhood. In adults, the tooth nerve has no other function than to moisten the tooth and to produce a feeling of pain in tooth decay or fracture.

When tooth decay gets on the nerve of the tooth, the tissue can get sick. This condition, which begins with sensitivity to cold, can lead to unbearable toothache later.


In this case, the dentist can choose between tooth extraction or root canal treatment in Ankara.

Sometimes the nerves of the teeth can die without decay, this condition is called sterile necrosis. Again, the treatment is via root canal treatment Ankara.

Especially in aesthetic dentistry, the dentist can consciously treat the canal of healthy teeth. A well-done root channel treatment does not shorten the life of the tooth.

If the tooth remains dead for a long time, the cysts formed by the body are located at the root of the tooth. The diagnosis is made by examination and X-ray control. In this case, it would be appropriate to perform a dental treatment of the rootcanal with apical lesions. If the cyst is large, a small operation called apical resection can be done.

Today in Ankara it is possible to perform root canal treatment with robots. In this way a very fast and painless canal treatment can be carried out.

Successful canal treatment is possible by cleaning the tooth to the root end, dilating the channels, and filling the tooth to the root end. Root canal treatment is a treatment that can be achieved with precision work requiring experience.

Pain-free root canal treatment Ankara requires an intraligamenter anesthesia machine, a root canal treatment robot, and titanium files. The process can usually be completed in 2 dates. Technology is a form of treatment that should be used. Requires special devices.

After the anesthesia has been applied to the tooth to be treated with root canal treatment, the first session is cleared of decay in the tooth and the way to the tooth nerve is opened. If the tooth is inflamed in this session, it will be discharged. This is a great relief in the first session. In the next session a bandage is put on and if the channel is dry, the channel can be filled. This process is completely painless.

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