What is an implant?

Dental implants are small artificial titanium roots that are applied to the jawbone and act as artificial tooth roots when we lose our teeth. It has been successfully used in our clinic in Ankara Ümitköy since 1999. It can be used both on full denture patients without teeth and on patients who have previously lost their teeth or whose teeth are to be removed. The benefit of implant is, it is not necessary to cut and harm the natural teeth in front of and behind the region of lost teeth for the purpose of making bridge prosthesis. The lifetime of the implants is very long. Implants provide the patient with chewing and esthetics service for a very long time. They are perceived by the patients as real teeth.



How is an implant made in Ankara Dentist?

First, we take digital panoramic dental film of our patient and make a plan of which implant is to be used later carry out a local anesthetic in order to put the implant painlessly. Then, using the closed implant technique, we prepare a 3mm diameter gingiva nest without cutting the gingiva and place the implant in the bone in about 3 minutes. We expect the patient’s implant to heal without suturing. For patients with adequate and strong bone structure, we can make prostheses that are referred to as immediate loading on the day the implant is applied. Ideally, however, we wait 3 months for the implant to integrate on the bone and then prepare the prostheses.

Will there be pain after the implant?

After the application of sutureless implants, the pain relief is usually not applied. Sometimes, a very slight cheek swelling may occur. Applying Ice on area after the procedure can control swelling. Bone dust and graft applications, as well as sinus lifting, are performed in patients with inadequate bone levels. In such a further processing is expected with a certain further swelling. The implant application is one of the simplest applications in dentistry today.


Is there a quality implant?

Implants that are preferred in Ankara Ümitköy implant applications are at the top of the world standard. If, for any reason, the implant does not hold or fall after use, it is a trademark that is provided by the Company free of charge. It is possible to compensate for this very rare situation.

Should I wait after implant placement?

After inserting the implants into the bone, it is ideal to wait 3 months for the bone to integrate implant, which is called osteointegration, and then to perform the prosthesis. Sometimes with 3D design systems, if the patient’s bone is of appropriate quality, the tooth can be delivered to the patient on the day of implantation.

Is the prosthesis made immediately after the implant?

If bone quality is appropriate after implant application, it may be appropriate to have the teeth on the same day. This is produced immediately with Cad-Cam systems. The toothless period of the patient is minimized.

Is there a sutureless implant?

The implants are placed under the gum in the dentin. For this purpose, the gingiva can be fully opened. In our Ümitköy clinic in Ankara, it is possible to reach the bone by creating a gap that is normally only 3 to 4 mm and corresponds to the diameter of the implant. For this purpose, the so-called laser implantation technique is used. In this way, the gingiva is not opened and there is no need to apply  sutures for healing. In this application, a special type of implant can be used, since the gums and the mucosa are only slightly damaged. Pain and swelling after implantation are minimal.

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